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Many have desperately tried to imitate our hardware design, but none have succeeded in matching its strength or durability.

With design trends ranging from bold and colorful to simple and elegant, the 21st century bathroom has evolved into the center piece of the modern home. The bathroom has become a place of retreat and ever present source of relaxation and rejuvenation from today’s hectic lifestyles. Adding a luxurious shower is high on the wish list of every renovation project. Frameless glass shower enclosures introduce the ambiance of contemporary design.

We offer superior quality finishes ranging from polished chrome and brushed nickel, to rare finishes like oil-rubbed bronze and 24 karat gold plated. We proudly source only the finest quality materials in our product lines. They are manufactured from solid German brass, titanium and stainless steel with the strictest standards allowing us to consistently deliver the world-class products that our customers have come to know and expect. We also work closely with leading design trend forecasters to ensure that our products reflect a timeless appeal. 
Our designers will help you select creative solutions from our range of hardware collections to design your ideal bathroom retreat.

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