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US Finest Frameless Glass Door Systems - RESIDENTIAL and COMMERCIAL

Over the last two decades, glass door have dramatically risen in popularity worldwide. While traditional patch fittings have dominated commercial office design for some time, new innovations in commercial and residential glass hardware are capturing the attention of top architects and designers everywhere. From commercial applications to residential, from patch fitting and heavy glass hinges to pneumatic sliding systems and "trackless" folding door, our hardware continues to shape the trends of industry. KF®megaglass sources only the finest materials in the production of our fittings. Our hardware is manufactured exclusively from German brass, stainless steel 316L/316Ti and titanium with strict adherence to the unrivaled quality of craftsmanship.

KF®megaglass offers variety of frameless glass door for various applications: open and covered sliding systems for wall, ceiling and glass attachment, double and single action doors and folding systems. Our doors have a closing mechanism, which works without the necessity of a floor spring, the folders do not need a floor guide. Most systems are adjustable. We also offer many customer specified solutions in design as well as in technique.

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