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KF megaglass- Frameless Glass Solutions © 2013

  • Machined from solid German brass

  • Patented stepless adjustability

  • Self-closing last 10-15 degrees

  • Gravity based lifting hinge

  • Single action

  • Scalloped wall plate

  • Bypass seal system

crossover pur

The Crossover Pur is much more than a "heaving" hinge. Its free swinging design naturally returns to a gravity based index position that can be adjusted to any angle in the hinge’s arc. This is instrumental for uneven floor surfaces, drains, thresholds, etc. It can be adjusted at anytime-even after installation. Meticulously crafted from fine German brass in a complete range of high quality finishes, the Crossover Pur adds a modern, elegant touch to any frameless shower enclosure.

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