KF megaglass- Frameless Glass Solutions © 2013

  • Machined from solid German brass

  • Patented stepless adjustability

  • Self-closing last 10° to 15°

  • Gravity based lifting hinge

  • Single action

  • Scalloped wall plate

  • Bypass seal system

  • Contains adjustable countersunk screws for easy installation

  • Cover plates to conceal countersunk screw

Crossover cl

The Crossover CL combines the continuously adjustable, gravity based design of the Crossover Pur with countersunk screws. The countersunk screw heads are slotted to allow for flexibility during installation. Most countersunk screws come with a plastic washer to protect the glass. Our countersunk screws are produced from fine German Brass and then dipped in rubberized plastic, offering superior protection for the glass and ensuring a long life span

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