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KF megaglass- Frameless Glass Solutions © 2013

  • Machined from fine German brass

  • Self closing last 10-15 degrees

  • Double action hinge

  • Reversible 5 degree pin for optional pressure

  • Recessed pocketed gaskets ensure tight grip on glass panel

KL classic

Aptly named, the KL Classic is the quintessential frameless shower door hinge and for the past 20 years it has remained untouchable. Many have tried to imitate its design, but none have succeeded in matching its strength and durability. One of its most popular features is, the pocketed gaskets. Over time, all gaskets tend to flatten out, or "pancake" on the glass. As they lose their elasticity, the door begins slipping, which causes the hinges to "pop" and could even cause the door to fall. Our patented design is recessed into the hinge itself, preventing any possibility of flattening out and losing grip on the door. The KL Classic comes standard with a reversible 5º pin for extra pressure if desired.

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