KF megaglass- Frameless Glass Solutions © 2013

  • Machined from solid German brass

  • Patented stepless adjustability

  • Self closing last 10-15 degrees

  • Double action

  • Fully concealed hinge—no visible screws

  • Recessed pocketed gaskets


Inspired by the trend-setting design of the KL Classic, the d•Lux is loaded with features. Its fully machined brass covers fit perfectly over its back and wall plates, leaving nothing to distract from the clean lines and unrivaled finishes. Its index position is fully adjustable, and it features the renowned "pocketed" gaskets that earned our heavy glass product line international acclaim.

The d•Lux is designed to accommodate both 3/8" & 1/2" glass, and will support up to120 pounds on a pair of hinges. From its non-slip gaskets to its scalloped wall plate, the d•Lux is manufactured with the same attention to detail that our customers have come to know and expect.

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